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Railroad Bridges, Fraser River, Cache Creek, British Columbia,1968. 

Copyright © 1968 by David Plowden​


David Plowden: Bridges

June 22 - September 23, 2019

Brattleboro Museum & Art Center 

Bridges intrigue and entrance us on so many levels. They extend our worlds by spanning voids or obstacles and connecting us to otherwise unreachable destinations. They do so in seeming defiance of the laws of gravity, creating magical, liminal spaces, where we find ourselves no longer here, not yet there, but suddenly — thrillingly — aloft. The best of them embody a perfect blend of engineering and aesthetics, function and form. In character, they span the gamut from elegant to businesslike, delicate to muscular, commonplace to quirky.

— Danny Lichtenfeld, Director

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Astoria Bridge, Columbia River, Astoria, Oregon - Point Elice, Washington, 1968